We specialise in creative
Fine-line tattoo's. different
sizes means various

There are endless possibilities in tattooing and the art of fine-line tattoos. The style, size and density of details are all factors that weigh in the time, that is necessary for us to design and actually ink on your body. Have a look at our portfolio or instagram to have a feel of what we do. Submit a tattoo form if you want a price indication of your next tattoo!


Our starting price is something that we always invoice for any tattoo

  •   Intake, preparation and messaging
  •   Designing your fresh tattoo
  •   Materials, stencils and lots of ink
  •   Inking your skin with a needle

Hourly rate

We will pour all the love, attention and care into your tattoo for a special price

  •   Personal advice and care
  •   Uniquely custom designs
  •   A nice studio to get inked in
  •   A smile on your face


Permanent make-up touch up price just for our loyal customers

  •   Only for our loyal friends
  •   Needs to be done by Denise herself
  •   Bookable on the website
  •   Lifetime support on your brows

We love to design and ink your dream tattoo. Doesn't matter how big, long, wide, small or tiny it's going to be.